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 Posted: 08-02-2016 03:15 pm
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Back to the I said, the car has Spax shocks and I'm going to give them a second chance. The issue is the P/O [whom I will affectionately refer to from here on out as "The Ape"]. When The Ape installed the shocks, he used 2 different length and diameter[!] spacers at the bottom. I mocked up the lower shock mount and it is roughly 1.190" in length from bolt hole to bolt hole. I got some generic shock spacers but they are wrong in both dimensions also, only the hole size is correct. I will turn them down and part them off to the correct outer diameter and length.
The next issue is that the lower shock bushings, once again installed by The Ape, had been completely pulverized. I say due to the wrong bushing being smashed into them, but what do I know. To combat this Apishness, I got some generic polyurethane shock bushings. They pressed in beautifully but unfortunately are too long. Since I don't want to mimic THE APE, I will be facing them off in the lathe to the correct length. Looks like .125 per side will do it. No cutting will happen until I triple check all dimensions. Unfortunately I won't be able to get this done as soon as I like as I have have family commitments for the next 2 weeks.

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