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 Posted: 08-02-2016 04:08 pm
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Richard: don't know if you've solved your water pump leak yet, but the 3G seals Tim refers to are the way to go. You will need a press regardless, but assuming whoever rebuilds it please be sure they use the 3G(the seal is totally encased in a metal housing). As for the nose of whatever impeller you use, you can grind it off in a grinder as the nose no longer is necessary to push the type 1G & 2G seals down. (a machine shop would likely have a minimum $50 set up charge/minimum. I use a large carbide surface bit in a drill press). Just be sure you grind off enough to allow the 0.020"-0.030" of clearance so you don't get cavitation. This should last "forever", asssuming you don't over tension the fan belt(adjust when engine is hot)