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 Posted: 08-01-2016 02:42 pm
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sorry; hardly ever get on this site, and when I do, it takes hours going through threads.
Hope you got your distributor "fixed" ?
There is no "O" ring on th einside of the shaft, just the visible one on the outside. Didn't mean to confuse you, but the other "O" ring I was talking about is on the large auxiliary oil pump housing and can easily be removed while the distributor is out.Shimming the spring up to 6mm will give a higher presuure at the higher RPMs, instead of the maximum of 55psi it was originally set at.(good rule of thumb: 10psi for each 1000rpm).
When using a pin drift to remove the pin holding the end of the drive dog onto the shaft, mark/scratch so the dog goes back on the same way, or you will be 180 degrees from the original orientation.
hope this isn't too late