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 Posted: 07-26-2016 03:41 am
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I've used it quite a bit in other British cars. Seems like the Brits always like having the exhaust side on the driver's side (for US cars). It does dampen the booming sound of metal panels, and does reduce some heat penetration, but not outstanding in my mind. I did just buy some new stuff, Design Engineering's Floor and Tunnel Shield. it looks very impressive, a bit thicker and also has a self sticking feature. I first saw it on My Classic Car last winter. If anyone has any experience with it, please step forward...I am considering installing it on the underside of the JH, where the header joins the exhaust. Possibly create a custom heat shield with this stuff. Gotta say, the warmest part in my JH is the ash tray cover! Also wish the JH shift gaiter had a rubber seal underneath it like the TR6s..