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 Posted: 07-24-2016 12:45 am
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To paraphrase Edd China, lots of faffing about. I would use other words, but this is a family friendly site. Got the outrigger bushings in. That's a good thing.
This car has "Spax" shocks in it. I turned the adjustment dial and they tightened up, so I'm going to try them. If they fail, they fail. I found an Energy Suspension bushing that pressed in to the bottom of the shock perfectly. It's polyurethane, only issue is it's one piece as opposed to the 2 piece that fell out. The lower shock bolt hole spacers were both different lengths and different diameters. I ordered some Bilstein generics [5/8 OD X 7/16 ID] and will cut them to length.
Any one have a suggested setting for the Spax shocks? Right now I'm going to try "4" clicks, seems pretty stiff, compresses well but rebound is very hard. Thanks