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 Posted: 07-17-2016 02:53 pm
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The split metal tabs work similar to the convertible top, spread the cover out and then slide the tabs into the chrome hold downs on the back valance. Next you have the snap button on each end (hopefully)snap one end down then the other, (a lot depends on how you rolled your top up on this, to tight or to slack and you will have trouble getting it to snap down), next the three wire hooks, you have to pull the cover down into the car making it tight and then try and latch the hooks around one of the convertible tops frame rails, can be a bit tricky but thats the general idea, there should also be two small Velcro tabs at each end and they go onto the tabs in the door shut plate. The biggest problem with this whole thing is how you like to roll your top, some people fold the outer edge flaps in, I like to just roll the whole thing without folding them, if you fold tight it makes things less flexible, folded to slack and it's sloppy and difficult as well, just see which way works best for you.