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 Posted: 07-13-2016 07:01 pm
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Jensen Healey

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I haven't driven my JH since last spring due to back problems. When I tried to move the car in March, the clutch had rusted to the pressure plate. I finally pulled the transmission in May and just finished putting it all back together yesterday.

I started the car with the bonnet open and when the idle settled I took a look. There was fuel dribbling out of the banjos on both Dellortos. Rushing to shut off the ignition, it caught fire just as I turned the key.

My fire extenguisher is mounted on a post in the garage and the door was open since I had been wrenching on he car. The fire was out within 5 seconds of starting.

The tape on the engine harness is melted but the wires look ok though they are probably brittle now. I tightened up the banjos and the leak is stopped.

If the bonnet had been closed it would have been harder to get the fire out. If the garage had been closed I would have had to rely on the small extenguisher in the glove box.

Be prepared and check for leaks. I got lucky.

JH 13148