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 Posted: 06-19-2016 01:48 pm
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Dear forum users

I have finally completed the up-blinging of my GT. It now has all the exterior trims that were fitted when it left the factory.

I know the side mouldings divide opinion, but I'm very pleased with the look. I found these mouldings ( ... de-Molding) are a better match for the factory mouldings than those sold by Cowles or Trim-Gard.

I also applied a silver pinstripe just below the side mouldings, which was factory fit according to the brochure pictures. I took measurements from the collection of images of the very low mileage GT recently sold by Motoexotica ( which is a really useful reference for what is hopefully a relatively unadulterated example.

If any is interested in fitting / measuring instructions for the side mouldings, please let me know and I'll write up a summary.

Best wishes,