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 Posted: 06-07-2016 07:29 pm
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Well, what changed was that the engine and transmission came out and went back in. The transmission mount and bracket are brand new (the old ones were toast) but the engine mounts are the ones I bought from the club store last year, so they've been in there before.

After doing some research, I'm taking a $30 flyer and placed an order for a different set of engine mounts (if they work, I'll have a new cross reference part for the list). They are actually for a Land Rover, with Beck Arnley part number 104-1762. The stud size is the same, but the rubber part seems to be quite a bit thinner than the ones from the club store (their measurement is about 1.4 inches, while the club store ones have to be close to 2 inches). I'm thinking that if I can start from a lower point on the right side, I can then shim back up to where I need to be).

Won't know till they get here, and I'm off to the Jensen East meet tomorrow, so I guess I'll just pull the cam belt cover back off for this trip. I'll know more next week.