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 Posted: 06-06-2016 05:10 pm
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Question for those of you who have installed the Delta 4 into 1 exhaust manifold and had to shim up the drivers side engine mount to get the steering shaft to clear: how much room do you have between the top of the cam belt cover and the underside of the bonnet? I can't seem to get things adjusted right so that the belt cover isn't touching the bonnet.

Looking at the geometry of things, it almost appears that the problem is being caused by the passenger side engine mount being too thick. The problem spot with the steering shaft is where it passes the #4 cylinder pipe. If I could just shift the whole engine to the right about a quarter of an inch, I think it would solve pretty much everything. The mounts are the ones from the JHPS club store, replaced last spring. Is there such a thing as a thinner mount?

I know I can be a man and just take the cover off (makes a difference of about a half inch), but I had this working once before and I can't figure it out. Right now I have the mount shimmed up about 3/8 of an inch which is the bare minimum to get the shaft to clear.

Alternatively, what would be a "normal" clearance with the stock header and no shims?