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 Posted: 05-26-2016 05:00 pm
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Well Frank, the filter did not look clogged visually. I did run the car this AM and drove about 40 miles. Took it out on the freeway to about 70mph. There was a very slight hiccup after a couple of minutes at that speed. Not sure what caused it. I would have loved to have seen the fuel pressure at that speed and rpm. I don't think that I have an accurate rpm reading so I need to sort that out. I've been told that the Pertronix sometimes has issues with the tach. Guess I will address my attention to that today. I will install my need speedometer cable this AM and make sure that it works.

The car seemed to smooth out after running it and overall I'm very pleased with today's test run. I'm not wuite ready to drive it to Lake Arrowhead in the mountains up to 5400 ft. Maybe in a couple of weeks.

The newly modified exhaust has quieted the car down about 40% and it is quiet at idle except at the exhause tips. We added one more resonator to feed the two resonators just before the tips. There is one larger resonator just after the header so it is still a free flow system using Flowmaster components. Hope the wife will be able to put up with this level of engine sound. (or as she calls it "engine noise").