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 Posted: 05-26-2016 07:19 am
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Well I'm keeping my fingers crossed and praying that things just may be ok now. I went for a drive this AM after having one of my experts mess with the fuel pressure regulator. Things went well after Dan adjusted the pressure while I started and stopped the car several times yesterday afternoon. Drove the car moderately hard for 30 min and the engine ran smooth and strong. This AM I went to drive it again and within 3 min the same problem again.

After limping back home the engine missing most of the way I tore into the fuel filter. I had cleaned it up about 3 month ago before I replaced the fuel tank. It is a glass type filter with an internal plastic element. There was a little visible debris in the filter but not enough to cause and obvious problems, or so I thought. After putting it back in I again adjusted the fuel pressure to 2 lbs and again started the car up and took it for a drive. I drove the car for about 45 minutes today and no problems at all.

I went ahead and perms toy mounter the pressure regulator on the bracket just to the left of the windshield washer pump and reservoir. Checked the fuel pressure gauge for final adjustment of the regulator and it has held steady at 2 lbs. I will again test drive tomorrow and see if the problem is finally cured. Today I also took the car back to the muffler shop and had another resonator added to the exhaust system to bring the exhaust noise down slightly. Drove it back from the shop and I would guess that the noise level has dropped 30% with a fairly quiet idle at 950 rpm.

Tomorrow I will replace the broken speedometer cable and see how to stabilize my tach. It fluctuates wildly around 5000 rpm. I have a Pertronix Flamethrower system. And ideas how to stabilize so I have confidence as to what my actual rpm reading might be.