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 Posted: 05-23-2016 01:42 pm
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The return line is not being used with the Dellortos. I have the hose looped back to the fittings in the top of the tank and have the vent down thru the floor of the trunk.

I also do not understand why the fuel pressure drops to zero when the pump is running. This even happens when I have the fuel pump running. I checked again this AM without starting the car and the fuel pressure was up to 5 psi. It needs to be adjusted down to 2.5 psi again. After I make sure the fuel lines are clear I will readjust the fuel pressure and check things out again.

While running the car during the last test drive and after it started to miss, I pulled over and checked the pressure and it was zero with the fuel pump running. I popped the fuel cap and nothing changed. I readjusted the pressure up to 2 lbs and made it home . Most of the ride was fine but after 10 minutes it started to miss and drove into a level floor garage and again the pressure was zero.

After I clean the line I will report back. I still would appreciate comments as to this seemingly fuel pressure issue.

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