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 Posted: 05-21-2016 05:20 am
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I've got a fuel pump from a Sunbeam Tiger (Ford) that puts out 4.5 psi just ahead of my Dellorto 45's. I had a pressure regulator in place that I thought was causing problems, so I removed the regulator and I still have the same misfire issue. The car was running like a champ but after the engine reached operating temp, the problems seemed to start. I'm really not shure where to go to trouble shoot this issue. I have brand new carbs from Delta Motorsports and am positive that I have all electrical ignition issues. Ixcept that I've heard that there may be possibilities of Distributor Cap or rotor issues from reading articles in the forum. Just looking for ideas. If anyone wants to call me direct, I would really appreciate it. I'm 99% done with this reatoration and want to get it on the road with some sense of confidence that it will get me home. The rebuilt motor is super strong when running. HELP PLEASE