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 Posted: 05-12-2016 03:59 pm
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Like others, I have been hunting down oil leaks, which has become a hobby at this point.

I changed the new tower cover gaskets that I just had installed when the engine was rebuilt not even a year ago with new gaskets which appears to have worked, for the moment.

Then found that the cam seals were leaking, changed those, which lasted about 30 days. Then I realized that the Allen screw in the end of the cam was also leaking, removed the cam gear and reset the Allen screw with some 515 sealant.

Jacked the car up, started the car and laid under there for 30 minutes with a flashlight looking for leaks, not a one. Happy day!

Celebrated my victory over oil with a great gin martini, then went to bed.

But, the next morning there was a small puddle on the floor, what the heck!

Crawled under again with the engine running for about 20 minutes, nothing, not a new drop.

Then so had my wife turn off the engine, instantly a small stream of oil poured out the bottom of the cam seal, ran down the lower radiator hose and onto my forehead,

Would anyone out in Jensenville know why it only leaks when I turn it off??!

Driving me nuts