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 Posted: 05-11-2016 06:29 am
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Got to the dizzy last night, as the adverts say "some (dis)assembly required"...

Dizzy cap didn't look too bad, have seen a lot worse scorching than that. Not quite sure what that grey, greasy substance is, though.

Rotor, with a rivet. Could this be the smoking gun?

Reviewing the history of my ownership, the ignition situation has been deteriorating since I first installed that engine. I was having problems with stalling, then restarting. Since I was running a resistor coil and points, and jumping the resistor made it start easily I assumed the problem was that the bypass circuit in the starter just had failed.

The points and resistor coil were then replaced with a Pertronix and a 12V coil, and things were well again - for a while.