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 Posted: 03-25-2005 02:49 pm
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Mark Rosenbaum

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I concur with Glen's remarks.  If you can't save both cars, I suggest that you defer the decision on which one to restore until you have the opportunity to carefully and thoroughly examine both chassis.  Additionally, I suggest you also check the following:

1.  The transverse brackets to which the seats mount are thin metal and can rust out even when the floor pans are still in good shape.

2.  Dirt tends to collect between the chassis and (a) the bottom rear of the front fenders, and (b) the bottom front of the rear fenders.  Pay close attention to the sills and the chassis sheet metal in these areas.

3.  Check for cracks on the flat vertical and horizontal sheet metal near the rear of the transmission tunnel.

4.  Check for cracks in the area where the engine damper attaches to the firewall.

5.  Check for damage under the battery.