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 Posted: 05-10-2016 08:59 am
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I'm late to this thread, sorry if I'm beating a dead horse.

Westsideclay, Subwoofer and Brett have given you good advice on how to time the cams, you repeatedly insist that is what you have done, but it's not.

> The cams line up with the correct firing order,
> everything is where it is supposed to be which
> is why I cant figure this out

No, it's not where it's supposed to be, which is why it doesn't have compression, and doesn't run. You're setting the cams incorrectly. Please clear your mind of what you have done, and please read through the following with an open mind.

You CAN NOT change the cam timing from 115-115 to 110-110 without first removing both pulleys from the engine, flipping them over front to back, and re-installing them. If you have not removed/ flipped/ replaced the pulleys, then you have not re-timed the cams correctly. Simply rotating the pulley 3-teeth without first flipping them changes the cam timing by 54 degrees, not the 5 degrees you seek. If the pistons have not hit the valves yet, then you are extremely lucky. Head for Vegas while you're hot.

Set the cams back to 115-115 where it runs.

Grab a felt tip pen.

1) For each timing mark on the pulley's rim, follow that tooth to it's opposite side, and there you will find another mark of the same number value. Or you should!! If there's no timing mark there, then put one there. At least temporarily with a felt tip pen.

On the INtake pulley, the front-facing 115 timing mark should have a little 'IN' stamped adjacent to it. On the back side of the pulley, the second 115 timing mark will have an 'EX' stamped by it. At least that's the way it should be. If the second 115 mark isn't there on the back side, use the felt-tip pen to put it there. And if the IN and EX marks are not present, write them in as stated above.

Similarly, on the EXhaust pulley, there should be '115' and 'EX' engraved near the timing mark on the front face of the pulley rim, plus '115' and 'IN" on the back side.

With the crankshaft set to TDC, make certain the pulley's timing marks aligned on the imaginary centerline between the cams. Simply aligning the dots with one another is not enough, they must also be on the imaginary centerline. If they're aligned but not on the centerline, then the cams are not properly timed.

2) On the INtake pulley, start on the pulley TOOTH that has the timing mark on it, and count downward (clockwise) three teeth. Counting the tooth with the 115 timing mark on it as '0' (zero), count down 1, 2, 3 teeth. Use the felt tip pen to color that 3rd tooth black.

3) Similarly, on the EXhaust pulley, start at the timing mark, count downward (counter-clockwise) three teeth, and color the tooth black.

4) For both teeth in steps 2 & 3 above, write '110' near that newly identified tooth.

5) On the INtake pulley, also write 'IN' next to the new 110 tooth.

6) On the EXhaust pulley, write 'EX' next to the new 110 tooth.

7) On the INtake pulley, start on the 110 tooth on the front side, follow that tooth to the back side (rearward facing side), and write '110' and 'EX' near the back side of that tooth.

8) Similarly, on the EXhaust pulley, follow the new 110 tooth to it's back side, and write '110' and 'IN' near the back side of that tooth.

Now, the 110 marks on the BACK sides of the two pulleys are what you want to have on the front side.

9) Remove the INtake pulley, flip it over front to back, and re-install it. 110 IN is now facing forward.

10) Remove the EXhaust pulley, flip it over front to back, and re-install it. 110 EX is now facing forward.

11) Rotate the pulleys three teeth to align those new 110 teeth on the imaginary centerline between the camshafts.

12) Re-install the timing belt and tension it properly.

Now both cams are timed to 110 MOP.

Make certain the timing belt's orientation on the auxiliary pulley doesn't change (ie, the same teeth engage after the timing belt is replaced. Any change of tooth mesh at the auxiliary pulley will require a corresponding change to the distributor's timing, so it's less work to make certain the aux pulley's registration on the timing belt doesn't change.

If nothing else has changed, then expect the idle rpm to be slightly higher with the new cam timing. Let the engine fully warm up, then re-set the idle speed to 900 - 1000 rpm.

Good luck,
Tim Engel