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 Posted: 05-09-2016 07:19 pm
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Only one of my cars had the gooey black sealant; I always figured a PO did that but perhaps not. I used either acetone or one of those "goo gone" solvents to clean it and up (I don't recall which), and latex gloves - I do remember it got on everything and was a real pain. Another car had what looked like plumber's putty between the pedal box and firewall. When I took it apart it was still pliable and looked to be holding up, so I reassembled with new putty in the same fashion. I'd like to report that it has been very effective at sealing out moisture (I'm assuming that is the primary purpose, and how much rain makes its way to the box?) but the car never sees rain so I can't say. I also haven't driven it much so I can't say how engine compartment heat has affected it either. The car I'm working on now will be a daily driver, so we'll see how putty works. Just my .02, perhaps others have better ideas?

Congrats on being near done on 15800.


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