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 Posted: 05-08-2016 05:53 pm
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There may be (probably is?) multiple issues here. The alternator needs a checkup, the battery replacement and so on so forth.

Thanks for the reminder on distributor cap and rotor, they may well be heavily scorched by now. Note to self: Always the simple things first... My DD (a Vanagon on Megasquirt) eats rotors and caps, probably since it is running optimal coil charge at all loads and speeds. I don't know how old the cap is in this engine, but I have never changed it. Shame it's such a PITA to get to...

The battery was made in 06, so ten years old, will be replaced as a matter of course. Thought of the jumper cables after I posted, whatever is easier is debatable, really depending on how many cars I have to move to get a battery within jumplead reach. The yard does not have much space left unused.

I'm only a hobby musician, playing 15-20 gigs with a jazz big band every year. Is that musician enough for you? :-) Good idea on the sound analysis though, I can tell if all cylinders are running, but until it starts shaking I can't really tell they are running unevenly. Haven't sensitized myself to that sound pattern, I guess. To see the power of sensitizing, pick some artifact and have someone show you an example of when it is bad. Good candidates are end-of-roll markers on film shown 7 seconds before the end of the roll, and MPEG artifacts on TV. Once you start seeing them, you can never go back to not seeing them. But that was an aside.

At least I know I don't have any vacuum leaks in the distributor. It has no vacuum connections, it's a 43D. Makes for lousy fuel economy, but at least it has mechanical advance.