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 Posted: 05-08-2016 04:11 pm
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Unless you are a musician, setting the idle by ear is probably not that reliable. The best way I found to check this is by recording and analyzing the exhaust note. I used a microphone connected to my lap top and Audacity software (free!). 1000RPM = 16.7 CPS or 60mS between pulses. An added benefit is that you can see the missing pulses when the engine misfires. If the missing pulses are always a multiple of 4 apart, then it is one particular cylinder that is misfiring. In that case it could be one unreliable spark plug, wire, Dellorto channel or even the distributor cap. The distributor cap in particular was not designed for the kind of voltages produced by electronic ignitions. Mine tended to go bad fairly often. I ended up coating the outside of mine with clear epoxy to get it more reliable.

The jumper wire between the battery and the coil does not have to be anything fancy. I just used a test wire and alligator clips. There really is not that much current flowing in that circuit.

Rather than switch batteries when the car dies, you might try connecting jumper cables to another car and see if that does the trick. Much faster.