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 Posted: 05-08-2016 05:03 am
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Cranking the starter takes over ten times as much current from the battery as does running the engine. So if the starter still cranks OK under conditions when the engine misfires, then the battery should not be the problem.

Are you sure the engine is not overheating? Stop and go traffic is the worst for that. Possibly the gauge in the cabin is reading low? It could also be a vacuum leak or sticking weights in the distributor making the ignition timing when idling inconsistent. You might watch the tach to see if the idle RPM's are steady under all conditions.

If you have the original tachometer setup (current drive rather than voltage), the tachometer reading in the cabin is probably not accurate with an electronic ignition. Mine was reading almost 30% high before I did a voltage-operation conversion. You might want to check the idle RPM's with a tune-up gauge from the auto parts store. If you are setting the idle RPM's using the cabin gauge, you may be setting it too low for reliable operation.