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 Posted: 05-07-2016 02:56 pm
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Offline should be 13.6 or even better...maybe your battery is old or defective?? Most last about three years or four...if it is older, I would be suspicious. Most car parts stores can check it for you..they run a test and give you a computer printout. I'd start there..also have you checked the fuel filter back at the tank???

I had a similar problem with my Interceptor that turned out to be an alternator that was heat sensitive. It worked fine when cold but when it got all the heart from the engine (and it really gets hot under the hood of an Interceptor) it would fail and the ignition module would stop working when the voltage got low...took a long time to find that problem..but you do not have an ignition module, per se...however, I did personally have had a Pertronix unit that went bad. Just totally failed and would do nothing...Took it back to speed shop and they gave me another. First time I have ever had one of those go bad...but I don't think yours could be intermittent..could it? Or heat sensitive?? Have you tried a different coil???

So, let's start with the battery...and then the alternator ...after making sure the fuel filter is not getting clogged...and let us know.