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 Posted: 05-07-2016 05:19 am
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I doubt it's the tach (unless it's the actual bullet connectors on the tach itself just being dirty). The tach electronics proper don't actually have anything to do with the ignition circuit. I don't remember my wire colors offhand, but the way it works is that there is +12V coming into the one of the tach bullet connectors on a white wire (guessing on the color). The tach "connection" it attaches to just has a wire inside the tach that runs through a small coil (physically, not electrically) and then back out to the outside of the tach, with another connector. That connector is then connected to the wire which goes to the coil. There's no actual electrical connection between that +12v feed through the tach body to the coil and any internal tach components.

What's inside the tach between those two connectors is basically just a jumper wire.