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 Posted: 05-04-2016 08:15 pm
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I have had the pleasure over the past 2 years and 10 months to put 16,870 miles on the Set of Cooper Cobra's which came with 11602.

They were about half gone when I got the car and are wear bar prone on all four at this point. The tread wear rating is 448 for these and they are probably quite old time wise. I do not think you can find them anywhere as Cooper doesn't make this size any longer.

Which is to say that when it is wet the traction is very fun to play with. Once the rear end is loose in second and/or third gear controlled wheel spin can last for hundreds of yards depending on the hill your on.

So eBay provided a set of PRO METER LL600 ALL-SEASON STEEL BELTED RADIAL's for $385 which is a good deal less than the Verdesian's. The PRO METER's are 400 on the thread wear number, "T" Speed rating and am looking forward to a new balanced set of tires with a fresh front wheel alignment.

As I probably "jacked-up" the caster angle and toe set when I put Vaxhaul-Viva urethane bushings on the truss bars which I might add make a lot of noise when the front suspension is cycled and thus some inner wear has resulted on the Cobras.

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