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 Posted: 05-02-2016 07:11 pm
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Ms. Jenavieve's engine is reassembled and back in. Last night I finally got to the point where I could fill up all the fluids and turn the key on the engine for the first time since last fall. Of course, no go. She's turning over but no fire. Tonight, I'll be troubleshooting more, but here's the current status:

My timing light shows that #1 is firing right at 0 degrees (forgot to mark the Pertronix distributor position before the head came off, so I just set the engine at TDC and eyeballed the rotor to point at #1). Obviously not right, but you'd think it would be close enough to get a few puffs. Once I have more promising results, I'll adjust the distributor to the right position.

Fuel pump (one of the Facet aftermarket ones) makes all sorts of clicky clicky noise so it's obviously got power, but I'm not convinced I've got gas at the carbs yet. I tried a shot of ether to see if that would catch, but nothing there either. Next step is to pull the fuel line from the T and find out if it's actually pumping.

Oh, and the radiator sprung a leak sometime in the last few months while it was lying in the garage. Ordered one of the Champion aluminum replacements today since the old radiator had been repaired several times already, and I just can't see sinking any more money into a 42 year old radiator. It'll be weird to see that shiny aluminum in there but at least it'll work.

Note to self, and anyone else who might be doing the same sort of work in the future: when you have the engine and transmission (4 speed) out, it would be a VERY GOOD IDEA to make sure you loosen the transmission fill plug while it's easily accessible. Don't wait till you put it back in the car like I did. I spent nearly an hour trying to get the plug loose (for all I know it was the first time it had been removed since 1974). Not much room to work in there. I finally ended up putting a jack under the transmission to support it, and then removing the nuts for the transmission support so that I could gently let the transmission down a couple of inches, enough to get a better angle on the plug with a box end wrench.

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