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 Posted: 04-27-2016 05:54 am
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Latest update. Pics still to be posted.

Had noise when hitting uneven pavement and I suspected that the cover plate that protects the universal did not have enough clearance from the joint. I removed it and found out that it was rubbing. I called some other JHPS members and was told that the part was not on some of the later cars with a single piece drive shaft. I left it off and took it for a spin and no noise. The car seems real sold now.

I replaced the cas tank with an aluminum one from Jorge at Jaguar specialities. I drove to Chula Vista and picked it up from his warehouse. He is closing his business after 47 years. He still has a few JH steel and aluminum gas tanks. I was fairly happy with the one that I received from him last week. Quite a bit lighter. Paid $389 for it. The old steel tank was messed up on the inside with some rust and PO had attempted to coat the interior and stuff was flaking off and getting into the fuel. My fuel filter now runs clean.

Put in new seat belts found on eBay for $17.50 each. FIt very well. I did not reconnect the seat belt light circuit.

Snapped my new speedometer cable when it kinked when putting the instrument panel back it. Have to order a new one and will not make the same expensive mistake again.

Got everything working again electrically, well almost. I suspect that I have a bad fuse box and will use a spare one from my parts car if it is in good condition. Otherwise I will make a new fuse box and reconnect cables into the new box. The middle circuit keeps going out, does not blow a fuse, just has a poor connection in the box. This circuit affects the brake lights and heater fan circuit.

Put a new stereo in that is iPhone compatible. New skeakers in the doors, new antenna, and new rear speakers.

Hooked up the solenoid to my Accusump and just have to complete the plumbing to the incoming line from the oil cooler to the oil filter. This is to prime the engine prior to starting each time I start the engine.

Have put a total of 150 nmiles on the rebuilt engine and my only concern is low oil pressure. I am in the process of putting a new oil pressure line and checking the oil pressure with a different gauge. I might have to rebuild the oil pump. Not sure at the moment. Will let you know after I confirm that I really have low oil pressure. Reads less than 5 lbs when at warm idle. About 35 lbs when warm and running above 2000 rpm.

The tach seems to waver at 5000 rpm, not sure what is going on and I do not want to go higher at this time until I'm sure about my oil situation.

The car is a lot more than I expected as far as HP and torque. Its really a thrill to drive since I got the drive shaft noise to go away with the removal of the universal guard.

Promise, pictures to follow.

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