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 Posted: 04-24-2016 05:27 pm
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Getting back on track...

The handbrake has been out of commission since converted the rear brakes, and I wasn't able to route the cables like HiSpec had intended, no matter what I did I ran into trouble with the rear springs. So I had to get creative, great thanks to Gordon for inspiration. I was able to repurpose the original JH parts without modifying them, that way it is a straight forward job to convert back to the original brakes in case the MOT goes sour (because of the lack of paperwork on the mods).

Had to make an M8 bolt with some M6 threads on it

... to be able to mount M6 threaded rod in an M8 clevis

Made an adapter to add to the end of the original handbrake wire, return spring clearly visible

And the other side

Seems to be working, but I still need to tighten it slightly, I think. The handbrake will never be one for handbrake turns anyway, small pads makes it a parking mechanism only.

Shakedown trip was almost uneventful - once I got out on the road. The capillary tube for the oil pressure gauge had dislodged itself, backing out of the garage I lost about 1/3 of a litre of oil. Good thing I saw the stripe of oil as I backed out!