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 Posted: 09-07-2005 03:41 pm
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I have just gotten off the phone with Jorge. He was a little offended that we have requested a second round discount after he provide what he thought to be a very nice discount the first time. We discussed the pricing of this tank for some time in depth. He is not willing to reduce the price any futher to get this order. He even remarked that if we could order 15-20 the price would not reduce any further. I believe this guy is very capable and willing to make us a high quality tank and we should proceed with this order of 10+. We must have the 10 or the price will change. He will be listing the tanks on ebay following our deal for the originally quoted price. I myself want to take advantage of this reduced pricing. I have so far confirmed commitments from Harkes, themagicalswitch, and myself to make 3. Please respond to this post to include yourself in this order. You may also email me @

As for the funding portion of this transaction. I think we all should send our money in at the same time to Jorge. Once we have all 10 we can set the date and I will notify Jorge of this mailing/payment info. I believe this to be the safest way for all involved.