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 Posted: 04-18-2016 08:01 pm
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11602 Got new rear axle bearings this weekend. Centrix bearings lack the o-ring groove to seal the gear oil in the axle housing. So lots or Halomar never hardening blue urethane gasket maker is applied to curtail gear oil loss. I had to machine a pair of spacers to fill in where the OEM bearings are .200 thicker than the replacements. Otherwise all is good and now quiet as the passenger side was starting to make wer-wer noise.

I have the spacers designed in SolidWorks if anyone needs to make some. A disk grinder with a thin slitting disk and cold chisel are the trick in getting the bearings off the axle shafts.

Getting the axles out of the housing are easy when you put 1/2-13 X 2ft long all thread through the axle flange holes for setting the four nuts which fix the backing plate and bearing retainer plate. Double nut and washer the all-thread and make plate with two 1/2 inch holes that you can hammer on with a small sledge or decent ball peen hammer and the o-ring and accumulated grunge will break free and out comes the axle.