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 Posted: 03-27-2016 09:10 pm
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Hi Bruce,

Great news on the progress. Kudos to you for getting to know these cars. With four, it is likely you will have at least one or more for a very long time - it may not be marriage but very close to it. To get the crank pulley off, use a 19mm socket on a breaker bar. The bolt is torqued to 58-60 ft. lbs., so it will take a little muscle. Is the engine turning when you do this? Put the car in gear and you should be able to get it off. The pulley has a channel that fits over a woodruf key on the crankshaft, so it must pull straight off - there's no turning it left or right to work it free. For this I used the same two-jaw gear puller that I mentioned the previous post - I don't know of another method. If you don't have a puller, it would be a very good, inexpensive investment. Reinstalling is fairly easy - square it up to the crankshaft and push it by hand as far as possible, and then tap it straight on using a rubber or rawhide mallet. Torque the bolt with its washers to 58-60 lbs.