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 Posted: 03-26-2016 10:09 pm
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Ok.... I am still quite confused. I guess where the confusion comes in is the language used.

I want to use the word tensioner as opposed to bearing as the tensioner is the complete assembly that has the bearings inside. It is my understanding that you remove the tensioner and then you press out and replace the bearings after the tensioner is removed from the engine. Right now my tensioner is still on the engine. I want to remove the tensioner from the engine. I don't want to talk about the bearings yet.

At this time I don't want to use the word bearings. I want to know how to remove the complete tensioner assembly from the engine. Once I have the complete assembly removed I will deal with the bearings effectively.

What I am asking is how to remove the tensioner assembly in its entirety. Nothing more than that. Once I have the tensioner remove from the car I can deal with the bearings. So, how do I remove the tensioner from the car?

Are you saying that you un-screw the stud first and then use a puller to pull the tensioner off? How would that work without the puller to push on something while it is doing the pulling? I am not quite getting it.