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 Posted: 03-18-2016 05:07 pm
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Thank you -and good to know. I have no reason to replace or change anything regarding wiring, especially as it is not my strong suit. I only want to be certain that everything is as it should be to operate reliably. It helps immensely when the wires in your car match the Jensen diagram; all it takes is one aberration to throw me off, as I rely on that road map. Fortunately this car tracks the wiring diagram well.

It is quite unlike my #19451 which follows no schematic known to man (not even the GT). I've posted questions in the past, with pics, to no avail. I've seen pictures online of late JHs with the same wires, so there is some confirmation that it is original, but I have found nothing published.

Regarding the connectors themselves, I have always been very proactive about cleaning for a good contact. Are there any thoughts about dialectic grease? I've heard people swear by it - is it applied directly on the contact surface, or around the connection? I always though it was considered an insulator.