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 Posted: 09-07-2005 02:22 am
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I sent the below email to as for a reduced price one more time via emal. I may try to call Jorge tomorrow to see if this will help any. I know some of you think this price is high for this tank @ $400. I personally will buy one for this price deliverd as I prefer it over the rebuild process. I agree we must stay unified in this deal and that we must get any changes requested NOW not weeks from now. I need a tank for my JH and many of you may just want to upgrade. Either way I need to know who is commited and whom is not @ the $400-$450 price delivered. Please let me know what you all think of my response to Jorge as I tried to convey our points while trying to be respectful of this guys efforts to accomidate our hobbies.


I have reported your response to my group and we are still commited to a lesser price. I have attached a link that shows aluminum tanks for other britsh cars similar to the JH for much less. Here is the deal...... I think most if not all would be willing to go as high as $400 deliverd (US) per tank for 10 pieces. We understand your investment and the rising material/labor cost, but this seems more than fair. Besides this is a large group and I am certain with good feedback from us first 10 your tanks will sell plentiful in the future. Just think of it as marketing your product the best way possible...word of mouth. I myself am considering the endless possibilities here with you....such as patch panels and other potientially fabricated parts. I see it as a win win situation for you and your business. I guess if we are not able to work this difference out many may opt for the remanufacuring process for less$$ and a lifetime warranty. I personally would hate seeing it come to that as we both want this to happen. Get back to me and I will relay your response to the group.

One last thing is we have some potiential european interest in this tank and I need you to confirm increase if any in cost for shipping.

Check it out: