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 Posted: 03-06-2016 06:49 pm
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Check out this pdf I found sometime back regarding American/Lucas fuses. It has Tim Engel's name on it - I don't know for certain that he authored it - but it gives a good, basic understanding of the fuse difference. The shop manual lists all three of the fuses as "35" which would equate to 17 in American terms. I've read where some people use 15A while others say 20A is fine. I can't confirm that 20A use is okay; I usually error on the side of caution. I learned many years ago that many if not most electrical gremlins in English cars can be traced to poor grounding. One thing I did some time back with one of my JHs was to work my way around the car, cleaning each and every electrical connection with a small brass brush on a Dremel tool. I don't know if it was difference or not, but I haven't had any issues.


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