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 Posted: 03-05-2016 04:17 pm
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I have steadily been working on getting my JH road ready. I finally got it registered in CA, I have been driving it as I get it sorted. I decided to have the seat redone in leather with black seats with red piping and the center seat bottom and back area red, going on a red car. I decided to go all out since I don't want my kids to be rich when I die LOL. The seats I am having done but I am doing the carpet work. After I cut the carpet pieces to fit I will take them to the upholsterer and have the edges trimmed the black carpet in red. I am changing the center console to the newer style from Steven in OR. I found some surface rust under the seat but I was able to grind it out reseal and paint it. I will update as I get things done. I do not know how to post pictures here but I will post pictures on JHPS Facebook.

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