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 Posted: 02-28-2016 05:13 pm
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Congratulations on the progress; it sounds like you're in the home stretch. If you don't like the stock mirrors, there'e always bullet-style mirrors. Certainly it's subjective, but they have a classic, race car look and they're period correct as well. However, the ones I'd recommend aren't chrome but stainless (though they can be polished up to a mirror-like finish). I like the ones made by Tex in the UK - easily found on ebay, etc. I'm certain a search would yield chrome versions as well.

I have the plans to make the gas strut conversion on the hood as well. It's been my understanding that the struts replace the springs and they are no longer needed. Perhaps I'm mistaken but I thought I'd raise the issue.

Also, where did you go to recover the dash? I'm looking into that as well and could use a good recommendation. What was the cost?