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 Posted: 02-28-2016 04:42 am
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New status post on progress:

Interior almost complete with the exception of the door panels. Doors and windows work fairly well.

Dash is complete and started to check all instruments. The tach seems to work, Oil pressure and gas gage have been fixed and are working. Voltage meter is working. Temp seems be be steady and within limits. Speedometer was pretty gummed up and needed to be freed up. Got a new cable from the Club Store and need to get it properly hooked up to the trans and get the cable turning at the speedo input. Had the dash and crush liner recovered. Looks great.

The car runs like a rocket. Unbelievable the difference in torque thru the gears. I know I'll never get my investment back today except in the form of crazy acceleration. I replaced the exhaust system with the Delta 4 in 1 header and had it heat treated with a silver coating and then replaced the muffler with a single resonator (middle) and resonators (2) on the split tailpipe. Sounds great.

I finally decided to get the thick rubber cam cover gaskets and that seems to have cured the oil leaks on the cam covers. I painted the cam covers to match the silver color of the car. Looks much cleaner than before. I painted the set from a spare engine and put those in to replace the cam covers that had been put in with RTV and the thinner paper gaskets. I think if I had installed those gaskets properly it would not have leaked. Lesson learned.

I still have a nightmare of wires to figure out under the dash and heater controls as well as coming up with a modern sound system.

Still have to fit the front lights and bumper which I'm still trying to figure out.

I've added a Accusump prelube system from Summit Racing and just need to complete the plumbing from the intake of the oil filter to the accumulator of the Accusump. Still have to electrically connect the control valve to the starting circuit of the car. That seems fairly simple (i hope).

I restored the Aluminum alloy wheels and they turned out fairly well. I have JH wheels but do not want to install those wheels on the car.

I want to put new mirrors and would appreciate ideas for high quality great looking mirrors. I want chrome mirrors.

Finally will attach the bonnet with the addition of gas struts. I got replacement springs and need to put clear covers on the restored springs.

I have a 50th HS reunion coming up and want to drive the 250 miles each way in a reliable vehicle. Hopefully it will be my restored 1973 JH 13046.

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