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 Posted: 02-22-2016 11:38 pm
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Hi, I don't think I know enough to help diagnose the problem with the carb backfire or stalling, but the pics provided I believe are good. I've done the belt a couple of times and the cam gears and crank marks look to be on target. However, I don't see a photo of the oil pump/distributor pulley. If it's off by one tooth, that would equate to 15-18˚ at the crankshaft (don't recall the exact). Is it possible that it moved while the belt was off? Make sure at TDC on the timing marks that the distributor rotor is on cylinder #1 and that the points are open. I've read enough to know that so many issues can be in the distributor; however as your car was sitting for a couple of years there may be an issue in the carbs. Hopefully another Jensenista can chime in?


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