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 Posted: 02-21-2016 03:09 am
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The pump is one of the real garbage autozone type electric black boxes...forget the name, it self regulates to 3 psi per my gauge. When it seizes I'll install a Carter with a bypass [I'm a fan of bypass fuel systems]
Dell Ortos, check Balancing, just like my Honda..piece o' cake.
I fixed the distributor myself with the seal info I found here, so thank you to the author of those posts.

Water pump, check. New impeller, housing machined

Took my shifter to a friend yesterday to make up some bushings to replace the disintegrating nylon[?] or fiber that was there. Whatever it was fell apart when we drove the pin out. Got it back today, much better.

Transmission getting dropped off Monday for inspection and any repairs [it actually works, but I want the synchroes inspected and the seals and gaskets replaced]

My biggest issue, besides the transmission being out, is that one valve is tapping. I'm restraining myself not to take it apart until I have it out. Then I'll do the belt, tensioner and valve adjustment all at once. I hope the cam doesn't have a flat lobe but we shall see.

Thanks for the response, very helpful