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 Posted: 02-21-2016 12:03 am
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I've harvested the following from somewhere on the Internet, and cannot verify it's accuracy. Use at your own risk.

Jensen Healey Wheels.
13 x 5.5 Inch
4 x 4.0" (4 x 101.6 mm) Bolt Circle
0.750" (19.0 mm) ET

All that is measured on a bare rim.

Never try to measure ET / Offset on a mounted tire. If that's what you're doing, your results may not be (probably won't be) accurate.

ET and Offset are not the same thing, so when you read a number for a wheel, be certain you know what it is... ET or Offset. Under certain circumstances, they can produce the same number value, but more often than not, they don't. Especially with older wheels, with stamped steel wheels being the least consistant.

Back in the day, I believe Jensen referred to Offset, as did most of the Britcar manufacturers.

It's important to maintain the relationship between the kingpin axis and the centerline of the tire (ie, scrub radius). Willy-nilly playing with the wheel offset messes with the scrub radius, and can negatively affect steering feel and handling.

A customizer, bling-bling artist will use ET. If it fits in the wheel well and looks good, I'm happy.

An engineer or serious racer will be more concerned about correct suspension geometry, and will use Offset.

Choose your poison.

Tim Engel

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