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 Posted: 02-20-2016 06:17 am
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I seethat you have replaced the cable. Did you check to see that the output of the transmission speedo gearbox is actually turning. I have a problem where the other end of the speedo cable at the speedometer is worn and does not engage the female portion of the meter. I hope that replacing the cable at weil solve the problem and that the female portion of the cable input to the meter is not worn. If it is, I wonder what I do then. I did notice that when I removed the meter itself, the mech was very gummed up. I cleaned the meter up and sprayed WD 40 to loosen things up. They were really binding up. Make sure that things are free before you put everything back together.

I did have good free turning of the speedo cable to the speedometer, just gummed up which probably broke the cable tip and hopefully not the input of the meter itself. I know that I ahve to replace the cable.

I will check for sources for the gearbox,have you checked the club store or Delta?

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