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 Posted: 09-06-2005 08:16 am
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I am out of town for a week but can meet him in person in 10 days or so. Do your best. Then I'll go see him in person. But PLEASE let's chat when I get back so we can present a unified front. Any design changes and Greg's 'JHPS' situation are things I should know about. YOu guys figure out where you are and I'll meet him mid to late the week after next.

Let's keep a unified front. I'm willing to buy one at 450 cash right now. But, I would love 100 bucks off. AND, I'm hoping I can hold out and help to hook everyone else up. So, I'm holding out to try to work with the group. I suggest everyone else do the same.

I'm a binniz guy and willing to help IN PERSON if necessary when I get back from my trip to Japn in 8 days or so. Keep me posted.