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 Posted: 02-13-2016 09:56 am
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Thanks to a fellow Jensenite in the UK, I've now sorted the bonnet fit on my GT. Here's the technique he suggested:

1. In most cases the problem is that the angle of the hinge piece which is bolted to the angle iron welded to the bulkhead is wrong, relative to the horizontal surface of the bulkhead. This hinge piece should be high at the front and low at the back.

2. You can achieve this, one side at a time, by slackening the two 5/16" nuts slightly, then with the bonnet raised, wrap one hand around the front corner of the bonnet and pull the bonnet rearwards. This will tilt the hinge piece down at the back and up at the front.

3. Holding the bonnet in this position, use the other hand to tighten the 5/15" nuts so the hinge piece stays in this orientation.

4. Do the same on the other side.

NB I have the later "GT style" bonnet stay on my GT i.e. the solid steel rod which supports the front l/h corner of the bonnet, and not the earlier J-H ratchet type bonnet stay. I suspect you may need to unfasten the ratchet type stay before doing the above to avoid distorting the bonnet when you pull back on it.

Apparently the orientation of the hinge springs can also make a difference - I have noticed that the loop is longer on one end of the spring than the other. Sometimes if the springs are fitted "upside down" it can lead to a poor bonnet fit.

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