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 Posted: 02-12-2016 02:50 pm
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On my GT the o/s rear of the bonnet sits about one cm proud of the o/s front wing. I tried out the above technique to improve the fit of the bonnet, unfortunately without success as the o/s rear corner of the bonnet still sits proud of the front wing when closed.

It's not the rear rubber stops, as I have carefully adjusted these so when I press down the rear of the bonnet, it sits on the rubber stops and it is level with the wings. On the n/s the bonnet stays down, but on the o/s it springs back up. It feels like the spring is forcing the bonnet back up.

The other issue I had was accessing the rearmost 1/2" nut with a ring spanner to tighten it when the bonnet was nearly closed. A stubby ring or ratchet spanner might work but I suspect it would be hard to exercise sufficient leverage to tighten the nut properly.

Anyone have any ideas?

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