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 Posted: 02-12-2016 05:49 am
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There was some talk long ago on the Internet about this...I have retained a few of the comments with credit for such as well.
In response to my query on the Jensen email group as to the true cause of the gasoline smell in the JH trunk (hood). Here I what I had received:

Everyone knows that this is the Jansen automatic “air freshener” - it substitutes for that tree-shaped cutout that is doped with a pine scent typically seen hanging from mirrors. It is quite superior to the trees in covering up musty smells in the boot from moisture that often finds its way inside to rot the carpets and the bottom of the fuel tank.
Tim Fults

That’s Eau de Jensen, Frank. Very exclusive. Guaranteed to light the fire of any woman (or man, for that matter.) The only time you wont detect it’s odor is when for some reason your Jensen won’t start.
Paul Norton

I would be very surprised.
Kees Oudesluijs (Commenting on my asking of anyone really knew the cause)

This is a backup in case the fuel gauge stops working.
Steve Fuller