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 Posted: 02-11-2016 09:29 am
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Old subject that never seems to go away but I may have come across a potential solution while I was researching suitable fuel hose for a fuel injection conversion going to a 3 bar (45psi) system instead of a 3psi one.
I was not aware that even high quality fuel hose sweats to some extent resulting in some fuel vapour in enclosed places. Below is advertising blurb from one of the high level suppliers which I have cut and pasted in. Note the relevant section about PTFE lining against the normal nitrile lining.

Goodridge 200 & 210 Series Hose
Goodridge 200 Series hose has the highest corrosion and fire resistance threshold of any stainless braided nitrile hose available. It can be used with all synthetic lubricants, fuels, oils, coolants and alcohols including methanol and nitro methane. This hose is perfectly manufactured for efficient and reliable use with Goodridge 136, 1136, 236, 336 and 2776 Series Hose Ends. The traditional racing hose.

Goodridge 210 Series hose has the same high spec standards as the 200 Series hose but features a lightweight black fibre outer braid which has high levels of abrasion resistance, making it a lighter hose than standard 200 Series hose. Still used with 136, 1136, 236, 336 and 2776 range of Goodridge hose fittings. Also used in some Classic applications.

Goodridge 811 Series Hose
Goodridge 811 Series braided hose features PTFE inner bore making ideal for transferring fuel within the cockpit/cabin of vehicles as it does not give off any fluid fumes, unlike the 200 series hose. The Goodridge 811 hose is smooth bored and features anti-static properties and convoluted outside for amazing flexibility.

Designed for use with 811 Series re-usable fittings.