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 Posted: 01-17-2016 05:13 pm
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I completed my exhaust installation and am more the
happy with my choices.

The one piece header from JHPS was an absolute factory fit. All header
studs fit perfectly into header plate, plate was flat with no distortion of
any kind.

I installed the header onto the freshly re-built engine and dropped it into
the car with a cherry picker fitted with a crank style engine level assist from Harbor Freight.

I could not believe this, but when I completed setting the engine (with trans attached) onto the motor mounts, I looked underneath and saw that
the header discharge had fit itself into the new exhaust system on it's

I have no experiance with others headers to compare this system to, but
this combination of factory silencers and muffler, combined with the single
discharge of the JHPS unit, is as good as it gets.

This car runs smooth and quite, just what I wanted.

Good luck!