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 Posted: 01-17-2016 03:43 pm
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Definitely use your original water pump...the one in the GT has a longer shaft and will not accommodate your belt driven fan...the viscous coupled fan very often does not work well anyhow. Other than plugging the air holes and using a single bend hose on the upper radio connection instead of the crazy S hose, all should be interchangeable.

Oh, yes, the GT uses a three row radiator whereas the JH uses a two row radiator...and the GT radiator mounts differently... I have found the tensioner to be identical and I cannot see where you would have trouble replacing it or using the one on it, assuming it will come with it. Just replace the bearings, which is a good practice in the tensioner. If the GT engine is stripped, I think you can pretty much swap it without much trouble using most of your stuff such as the alternator etc.... I have a low mileage (24k) GT engine that I am going to put in a JH which has no compression on #3 and was driven very hard for a long time by the owner with the distributor stuck at 45 degrees of advance. I think it will be easier to replace the engine than to try to repair all the damage he has done.