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 Posted: 09-04-2005 04:23 pm
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Judson Manning

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Thanks for uncovering another option.  I actually was developing something similar to the V8 Viva guy's solution, but eventually abandoned the project.

The primise of my solution was in keeping with the stock JH wheels, which meant keeping the JH hub and spindle.  The challenge was to find a cost-effective rotor and caliper combination that would fit.

The rotor size is pretty much maxed out at 10", therefore, I used a Toyota Celica/Supra 10" vented rotor (the same as the early Esprit) found at my local auto parts store for ~$20.  Making an adapter plate wasn't too difficult, however, my machinist never got around to doing it (which is one of the reasons why I don't use him any more).

The challenge was finding a caliper that would fit inside the JH wheel and be a real improvement over the JH caliper.  I never found one that satisfied me.

For those cars that stick w/ the stock JH wheel for their limited track excursions, I think removing the dust shield, a switch to HP pads, and some brake ducting will be enough.  In Improved Touring, these are the only real legal options for Ron Earp, so we'll have to see how his car does.

Alternatively, if we ditch the idea of retaining the stock wheels, MANY more options are available.